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There are many possible factors contributing to why a bully targets one person rather than another. The victim may be physically smaller or weaker, have different interests, be less assertive than peers, evoke jealousy, be impulsive and fail to respect boundaries, have poor social skills, be unable to read emotional cues due to Autism, Asperger's or PDD or a Nonverbal Learning Disability, be highly reactive and thus "fun to bully," lack peer social supports or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Boys are more likely to use physical prowess to bully. Girls are more likely to use social and verbal weapons. This video discuses bullying among girls. Download the Ophelia Project brochure on bullying. 

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 In happy couples, the ratio of positive to negative communications is 5 positive for every one negative. In marriages that breakup, the ratio is 0.8 positive to 1 negative.

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Parenting Skills

Put too much weight on the bar and there will be no movement, no improvement, and probably failure. Most children will be unable to sustain motivation in the face of continuous failure. The result may be that it will be difficult to restore motivation even when the weight is lightened.

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