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Parenting Skills


Put too much weight on the bar and there will be no movement, no improvement, and probably failure. Most children will be unable to sustain motivation in the face of continuous failure. The result may be that it will be difficult to restore motivation even when the weight is lightened.

Put too light a weight on the bar and it will be a waste of time.

The trick is to start with a challenge light enough to ensure success, and then progressively increase the weight as capacity improves. 

The sweet spot in which the challenge is neither too great nor too easy is the Zone of Growth.

Parenting Styles

  • Disengaged/Neglectful
  • Permissive/Pushover Parent
  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative


  • Watch TV with sound off & guess emotions being portrayed based on face & body language
  • Watch foreign language TV show & guess emotions based on sound of voice
  • Play charades in which emotions are portrayed
  • Teach the difference between acting on a feeling and describing how one feels