Dr. Wayne L. Klein, PHD


Neuropsychological Assessment


Services Offered

Adult Psychotherapy

Areas of special interest include college students, anxiety, lifestyle change for mental or physical health, improving executive functioning, parenting difficult children, navigating life stage changes, dating & relationship problems.   

Pdsychological Assessment

Often 80% of the improvement comes from 20% of the effort.  My goal is to identify that 20%. Towards this end I routinely look at factors that traditional psychological assessments often ignore, especially temperament, lifestyle & parent-child interactional factors. Temperament, the more stable & biological component of personality, is often the key to more effective interventions & management or self-management.   Many psychological difficulties stem from a mismatch between temperament and environment.  Lifestyle factors include sleep, exercise & electronic screen addiction.  Improving lifestyle factors can sometimes result in significant improvements in mood, motivation and cognitive functioning. 

Neuropsychological Assessment

With nearly 30 years as a neuropsychologist and 18 years years teaching neuropsychology, I look beyond test scores to understand how the mind works, how it might work more effectively and implications of any areas of weakness.  I work with ages 4 through adult. 


Federal Aviation Administration assessments of candidate airmen or Air Traffic Controllers with an ADHD diagnosis.

Competency Evaluations

Assessment of need for Guardianship or Conservatorship due to Developmental Delay, brain injury or dementia.